Sunday, August 16, 2009

Girl's Camp 2009

Well, here are some pictures from girl's camp this year! We went to camp Sinoquipe in the mountains in Pennsylvania. It was a lot of fun!paper plate awards! I got the 'know it all girl' award because they said i knew how to do everything!
Singing songs...
Me and Liza

Chelsea, Kim, and Lauren singing a song!
My BEST friends!
Tayden and Doctor Jo-Tayden stole Jo's sunglasses!
Two of my FAVORITE leaders!
For one of our service projects, we made baby blankets!

Emily and Patty during the orienteering activity!
Me and Emily
Some of the leaders in the lake-with their clothes on!
Me jumping off the dock at the lake
Our leaders practically wrestled each other into the water!
We had a HUGE pudding fight! We were covered in pudding, so we decided to jump in the lake with our clothes on!

That splash in the water is me!

Skit night! I'm the one in the pink shirt in the middle of the fight!

Megan and Patty- it was SO hot!
Rebeccah, Emma, and Tayden during the hike


Jessica said...

You look like you've had a lot of fun! I loved going to girls camp and sometimes I wish I could go and be a yw again and go! : ) But then I am glad I'm older. ha ha. Love the pictures.

Anie said...

I seriously missed out! I loved seeing all these pictures- but it also made me sad that I wasn't there! :(